Chiropractic Testimonials

"Since seeing Dr. Kersten my back, neck and other extremities are so much better! I have the use of my right arm which is almost back to normal. My neck and back are feeling great with the exercises I was given by Dr. Kersten."

- Judy A.

"Last winter, I experienced pain in both my hands. I couldn't grasp a pen to write, hold a cup of coffee or turn a door knob. I was at the point that I would have to quit my job if I couldn't get relief. I was even contemplating surgery until a co-worker recommended Kersten Chiropractic. So desperate for any kind of relief that didn't involve surgery, I made the appointment. After completing a medical report, an x-ray was done of my spine, which showed a few abnormalities. I wondered what did that have to do with my hands? My back didn't hurt my hands did!

Dr. Kersten patiently explained how the nerves extending from the spine influences every area of the body, including the hands. Dr. Kersten did an adjustment to my neck and spine. He said within a couple of weeks you should be feeling better,but you need to come back for 3 treatments a week untiI improvement begins. I was still skeptical. After 2 weeks, I was feeling remarkably better! I can now hold a pen, a cup of coffee, and turn a door knob!! I am a believer! I say, "Don't contemplate surgery until you have tried these treatments."

- Diane B.

"Brad is amazing! I had some serious back issues that he fixed before I got pregnant. He adjusted me all the way through my pregnancy, and trust me… with carrying a 10+ pound baby, I saw him regularly. He has also been adjusting my baby for over a year now. He doesn’t crack, but helps get things back to where they are supposed to be. He knows acupuncture spots and has a little shocker stick that can reset different body functions.

He has helped me with, migraines, restless legs, ankle, wrist, muscle spasms, before and after baby, plantar fasciitis, knees, fingers/hands, etc. the list goes on and on.
He’s amazing at his job, friendly, and HONEST. I have had my fair share of chiropractors in the past 15 years, and he will talk through everything he’s doing and share why along with giving at home stretches to do.

I 100% have and will continue recommending Dr. Kersten to anyone who is interested in seeing someone who is interested in finding a great chiropractor!"

- Hannah D.

"Dr Kersten is the best. I went in to his office in pain, he has been able to make me feel like a person again. He has helped me with my back, legs, neck, and other areas to help me increase my over all health. I recommend him to anyone I meet."

- Darlene H.

"Dr. Kersten is so gentle and explains what his plan is for care. Really appreciate the time he has taken to help me understand why I have pain and need Chiropractic care."

- Valerie M.


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